About Us


Our company established operating vicarious execution of export-and-import procedure to director business in 1983. Focusing on the treatment of the export and import of textiles, about the treatment of fiber-related provisional Hachijo, the original system was built from early, abundant experiences and knowledge were utilized as well as the earliness of customs clearance, and I have gained popularity from the visitor. Increase of the amount of physical distributions between Japan and China and the access to information of a spot become indispensable, it entered into forwarding business in 1993, a place of business is established to Shanghai, Chingtao, and Shamen, and I am building the organization which can control all the main ports in China.

Moreover, unite the production base of these days with the motion which shifts to Southeast Asia, and in August, 2011 to Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Will establish a resident office to Hanoi in August, 2012, will abolish a resident office in 2013, will start a local physical distribution company in August, build the consistent organization in its company, and treatment cargo, I made it be allowed to provide the finer service of the export and import of Japanese sides, such as not only a fiber but an equipment item, furniture, food, miscellaneous goods, etc., and a local side, customs clearance, work, etc.

In order to correspond to the physical distribution in the Asian bloc which continues increasing, it is also continued to build an original idea system and is an intention corresponding to customer needs.

Kazutoshi Takahashi