Scope of business

Land, sea and air combined transport
The optimal transportation route is arranged according to ? needs?

The optimal transportation route is arranged according to ? needs? In a forwarding section, I do control of export-and-import cargo centering on domestic 3 bases and overseas 5 base. Uniting with a client needs, the arrangement of marine transportation and an air transportation route is a basis, I have gone to export-and-import customs clearance on a local side, and delivery. Since our company is building the schedule management system uniquely, and a local staff gets shipment freight information and is making it reflected in a system from an exporter, a domestic person in charge is able to obtain shipment freight information immediately. Since change of the import schedule by the error of documents, the delay of a depot ship, the delay in production, etc. can also obtain information in advance, export-and-import customs clearance of Japan can be performed smoothly. There is a cooperator also in Southeast Asia except China and Vietnam with an overseas base, the United States, and European countries, and I am performing transportation procedure with each country.

Office vicarious execution business of export-and-import procedure
It is total and contracts the complicated paperwork about ? trade?

As a commercial consultant, the information on export-and-import cargo is obtained from a visitor, and the more nearly best method is proposed according to needs. I am performing all the business about a physical distribution from creation of export-and-import documents to arrangements of marine transportation and an air cargo, and arrangements of delivery. Moreover, about apparel relation, since most export-and-import customs clearances are inverse processing deal trade, there is much treatment to which provisional Hachijo is applied, and it occurs. At our company, the systems configuration of the documents creation in connection with provisional Hachijo was carried out uniquely, smooth export-and-import customs clearance was enabled, and I have gained popularity from the early stage from the client. Moreover, treatment items do not stop only at a fiber, but in export of equipment items, it goes to local, or they are, I am dealing with export and import, such as a machine, furniture, a chemistry article, food, and miscellaneous goods, every day.

Non-life insurance agent business
The proposal of the insurance which stops ? risk at worst?

The cargo entrusted from a client is property important for a company. In dealings with overseas where a long haul is performed inevitably, I have proposed the damage insurance which suppresses damage at worst from a risk of being assumed [ danger / voyage ]. Smooth and thoroughgoing insurance procedure is performed to the insurance company which has tied up instead of a client at our company.

Service of a marketing research and others
The management in connection with ? trade is carried out?

Based on the detailed arrangement with a client, I provide broad support service about trade, such as various market analysis about trade, selection of a marketing channel, advice of management. Not only in domestic but in China and Vietnam, the marketing research of the spot is also performed in cooperation with the local staff, and I am managing the whole at the commercial spot where many human beings are concerned.